Universal Serial Bus USB History, Features and Speed

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. USB was developed in 1994. A number of companies were involved in developing USB. Before the invention of USB; data transferring was very difficult due the various port type of various companies. So it was necessary to make a same data transferring port so that every device can be compatible with the stuff.
Versions and Speed of USB Now a days the mostly used USB type is USB 2.0. It can transfer data at 480 MBPS speed whereas USB 1.0 can transfer data at 12 MBPS speed only. USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 are the current USB versions. USB 3.0 can transfer data at 5GBPS speed and USB 3.1 can transfer data at 10GBPS speed. Types Of USB You can not plug micro USB-B in both way. Only one side is allowed to plugin. You may mistakenly try to plugin with the wrong side that can be harmful to your device. Your charging port can be damaged but USB-C can be plugged in both way you like. It does not damage your charging port .
Type A  is rectangular-shaped USB . Micro U…

Impacts of Artificial Intelligent (AI) on Work

Artificial Intelligence is the talk of the era. Now a days it has been so common to everyone that it does not take more than a second to understand. Modern technologies and the inventions of machines powered by artificial intelligence (AI) have already strongly influenced the world in the 21st century. Technologies simplify everyday tasks, and it is impossible to imagine how most of our life could be managed without them .It is being used to modernize our life to a great extent. Our life is getting easier than before. Life has become more comfortable and the main achievement is now we can lessen our wastage of time. But, somewhere there is a dark side remained, the future. There is an impending disaster for the human being in the near future.
Artificial intelligence (AI) will have a fundamental impact on the labor market in the next few years. People may lose their jobs. The number of employee will be reduced in workplaces. After losing the job the number of unemployed people may go h…

Automatic Date and Time Enable Kali Linux

In some linux computer there is  problem with 'Automatic Date and Time' update. But they little bit confused how to solve it. Some people say it uninstall NTP (Network Time Protocol) and then reinstall it problem will be solved. But there are few things what I am going to describe about this.

First of all,  let me say that what I am faced about the clock problem in Kali linux.
Whenever I open my laptop I need to set Time and Date in Kali linux. But as I know it should be worked automatic. Then I had seen that, in my 'Date & Time' settings 'Automatic Date and Time' is not enabled. Whenever I have tried to enable it, it instantly jumps to the left side. It's not enabling. After lots of research I have come with a solution.

You may can set the Hardware/System or NTP time synchronization system. I will show you the both things. But I would suggest you to use the NTP. It is little bit tough to configure but once you have done it will work till you dead. That…

Best 5 Email Tracking Tools for Computer

Abstract - We mailed various time but we don’t know is that mail has read through recipient or not. So, we are being confused. I have tried to a brief where I can know about recipient read your mail through email tracking tools. I have tried my best to brief as much as I know.
What is Mailtrack in Gmail? Mailtrack is a extension or application where sender can ensure that his mail will have read, free email tracking Gmail is available. Email tracking service is easy to use.
Is Mailtrack safe to use? Yes (my opinion). Though this email tracking tools are 3rd party extension but don’t need to hyper with it. Many users are using it from a long time and I don't think any of them are facing any type of issue in using it. Just checkout reviews which email tracking programs are better for you.
How do you know if your email has been read in Gmail? At the bottom level, email tracking tools is being shown like as-
Color (green)Notify as - has seen 5 minutes ago What is the best email t…

Best VPS Hosting for SEO

Linux one of the best operating system for server side applications. If you learn about linux, so don't think that you wasted your time. Most of the VPS runs on linux server (as I know). For website SEO VPS hosting is too good.
But there are also windows server where you can run your SEO tools. By the way, there are already installed few SEO tools with licensed in the windows server. If you choose a good VPS Hosting company then you will get those licensed tools. So that through those VPS Hosting tools you can boost your website.
When you are taking a hosting server you will be asked 'Do you wanna take shared hosting or VPS hosting'.
Shared hosting is the most cheapest of all. But it is little bit insecure. Because your data is sharing from a specific server. So in case, if there is a DDOS Attack then your website will be down. And this Shared hosting is slower then VPS hosting.
VPS hosting is little bit costly. But it is secure. You are not sharing your data with another …

Want to know more SSD VS HDD

Abstract – In every computer has a hard disk, but in this modern era, the technology has made 2 types of hard disk, one is called SSD & another one is HDD. Now, we are going to confused which is better. For being reduced this confusion, I have tried to make it easy to understand of hard disk.
HDDFor vast amount of data storage hard disk is a very important thing. But we don’t know about its specifications. Now I am going to tell you about its specifications or performance.
HDD Specifications

Having vast amount of data storage like as 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB… up to maximum.
I/O performance - 400 IO/s Backup rates - 24 hours Request time - 400 ms to 500 ms Reliability - 2 to 2.5% Uses of CPU power - 7% Access time - 5.5 ms to 8 ms Energy saving - 6 to 15 W(watts)SSDSolid-State Storage which is needed to be customized for being every computer. Now I am going to tell about its specifications or performance.
SSD SpecificationsHaving vast amount of data storage like as 120 GB, 125 GB, up to …

How to show saved password

Abstract- Sometimes, we depend on our google smart locker. So, we do not wanna remember our password. Thus we have to forget our password. Now, we need to recover it. Now I am going to show you that how to recover password in a easy way or we can say how to show saved password. I hope, it’s a easy way to show saved password.
Now do those steps for showing saved password, it's pretty simple just follow below steps.  Go to saved password (shown on picture), press right button of mouse.
Go to inspect option & click on it.It will show you a html tab or window like below image.
Go to yellow color where typed- password.On there you have to type - text.
Through typing this, you will see your password will be visible.
Thus, we can remember our password through this HTML coding. It's a easy way to remember. Through the google smart locker, we can be forget our password because of not typing password everyday & it show password like as ******* . Through this article, you will just…