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Universal Serial Bus USB History, Features and Speed

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. USB was developed in 1994. A number of companies were involved in developing USB. Before the invention of USB; data transferring was very difficult due the various port type of various companies. So it was necessary to make a same data transferring port so that every device can be compatible with the stuff. Versions and Speed of USB Now a days the mostly used USB type is USB 2.0. It can transfer data at 480 MBPS speed whereas USB 1.0 can transfer data at 12 MBPS speed only. USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 are the current USB versions. USB 3.0 can transfer data at 5GBPS speed and USB 3.1 can transfer data at 10GBPS speed. Types Of USB You can not plug micro USB-B in both way. Only one side is allowed to plugin. You may mistakenly try to plugin with the wrong side that can be harmful to your device. Your charging port can be damaged but USB-C can be plugged in both way you like. It does not damage your charging port . Type A  is rectangular-shap