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How to start hotspot in kali linux

Kali linux is the most popular operation system for the black hat hackers. SO, popular operating system has some simple problems. Like the hotspot. The new Kali 2017.2 has this problem. Some laptops automatically solve this problem when updating but not all of it. You have lots of solutions they will say install this package that package bla bla bla bla ................... No need to install any package. I am going to tell you the easy way to start hotspot in kali linux. In this picture, when you'll click on "Use as Hotspot" for start your hotspot. But it's not working because of you configuration. Let's configure > Go to the terminal and type as root: gksu nm-connection-editor A pop-up window will come like this In there, you need to click on " + " button another window will come. In this window you need to configure your hotspot. Network type " Wi-Fi " Then you need to configure your hotspot like second pic.  If you want t