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How to speed up your computer

Abstract- We always want ours computer should run fast. But it is a matter of sorrow that sometimes it faces some obstacles like as slow to do any task, slow windows start up, lunch any application etc. for being this hassle, we may not feel comfort to use our computer .Now I am going to show you some features to run fast a computer without using any third party software.

Now do those steps, its simple

N.B- please attention on highlighted color :-(Yellow) (Red)  Type (windows key + R) ,it shows a box (RUN) . . Type- cmd on this (run) box. after typing hit enter. It shows a box like below. Then do this- cd.. <hit–Enter button> cd.. <hit–Enter button> tree <hit–Enter button>. It will take time.
         At last type- Exit.  Press (windows key +R), it shows a box (RUN). Type- services.msc on this (RUN) box. After typing, hit enter. It shows a box like below. From there you can stop any of your apps which run automatically or stop permanently which are not necessary. I am goi…

The best example of the difference between JavaScript and jQuery

Most common and popular question is, What exactly is JavaScript? What exactly is jQuery? What are the difference? How would we know which one is JS and which one is jQuery?

Actually, when I started learning web development. I was too confused and how to determine which one is JavaScript and which one is jQuery language. In this article, you will have example of JavaScript language and jQuery language. And you will also gather knowledge about the difference between JavaScript and jQuery.

Some of people said that, they look like competitors. But in real, they aren't. So what's the difference between JavaScript and jQuery? JavaScipt is a programming language, while jQuery is a library.

Without JavaScript, jQuery is nothing. Because JavaScript was born first then jQuery built. JavaScript can live by itself, while jQuery doesn't.

JavaScript created in the mid-90s, by Brendan Eich. JavaScript becomes popular so fast, because of it's friendly behavior. It can run by all mod…

How to hide a drive in windows without any software

Abstract- We know that somehow third party tools or software are hassle for us & also non-trustful. But we badly need to hide our drive. In this circumstances, we can do ourselves without installing any software or third party tools. Now, I am going to show you. How to hide a drive without using any software?

Now do those steps, if you want to see How to hide a drive without any software? .
N.B- Please attention on highlighted color :-(Yellow) (Red) & DRIVE letter. And type commands without quotation.
Type (windows key +R), it shows a box (RUN) Type - 'cmd' on this (run) box
After click OK button, it shows a another box & type on there 'diskpart' & hit Enter button.
It will show you another box, on there type 'list volume' & hit Enter. After that, drive list will be shown.
Now, its your choice which drive you want to hide. I have hide DRIVE D. Type 'select volume D' & hit enter. 
The Drive D has selected. Then, type 'remove letter D…