How to hide a drive in windows without any software

Abstract- We know that somehow third party tools or software are hassle for us & also non-trustful. But we badly need to hide our drive. In this circumstances, we can do ourselves without installing any software or third party tools. Now, I am going to show you. How to hide a drive without using any software?

Now do those steps, if you want to see How to hide a drive without any software? .
N.B- Please attention on highlighted color :-(Yellow) (Red) & DRIVE letter. And type commands without quotation.
  • Type (windows key +R), it shows a box (RUN) 
  • Type - 'cmd' on this (run) box

  • After click OK button, it shows a another box & type on there 'diskpart' & hit Enter button.

  • It will show you another box, on there type 'list volume' & hit Enter. After that, drive list will be shown.

  • Now, its your choice which drive you want to hide. I have hide DRIVE D. Type 'select volume D' & hit enter

  • The Drive D has selected. Then, type 'remove letter D' & hit enter again.

  • The drive D has removed. Thus you can hide drive successfully.

How to show hidden drive

  • Do like as above steps - (1 to 5).
  • After selecting drive, type 'assign letter D' & hit enter.

  • This is the way you will get back your hidden drive. 
So, here is the way how to hide a drive using cmd in windows. And I have also shown that, how to show hidden drive.

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  1. This is awesome article but I must admit that I'm not that good in all of this. On the other hand must to learn a lot about PCs,especially about hiding drive.One thing always frightening me,it is can I screw something?


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