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Automatic Date and Time Enable Kali Linux

In some linux computer there is  problem with ' Automatic Date and Time ' update. But they little bit confused how to solve it. Some people say it uninstall NTP (Network Time Protocol) and then reinstall it problem will be solved. But there are few things what I am going to describe about this. First of all,  let me say that what I am faced about the clock problem in Kali linux. Whenever I open my laptop I need to set Time and Date in Kali linux. But as I know it should be worked automatic. Then I had seen that, in my 'Date & Time' settings 'Automatic Date and Time' is not enabled. Whenever I have tried to enable it, it instantly jumps to the left side. It's not enabling. After lots of research I have come with a solution. You may can set the Hardware/System or NTP time synchronization system. I will show you the both things. But I would suggest you to use the NTP. It is little bit tough to configure but once you have done it will work till you dea