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Best 5 Email Tracking Tools for Computer

Abstract - We mailed various time but we don’t know is that mail has read through recipient or not. So, we are being confused. I have tried to a brief where I can know about recipient read your mail through email tracking tools. I have tried my best to brief as much as I know. What is Mailtrack in Gmail? Mailtrack is a extension or application where sender can ensure that his mail will have read, free email tracking Gmail is available. Email tracking service is easy to use. Is Mailtrack safe to use? Yes (my opinion). Though this email tracking tools are 3rd party extension but don’t need to hyper with it. Many users are using it from a long time and I don't think any of them are facing any type of issue in using it. Just checkout reviews which email tracking programs are better for you. How do you know if your email has been read in Gmail? At the bottom level, email tracking tools is being shown like as- Color (green) Notify as - has seen 5 minutes ago What is