Best 5 Email Tracking Tools for Computer

Abstract - We mailed various time but we don’t know is that mail has read through recipient or not. So, we are being confused. I have tried to a brief where I can know about recipient read your mail through email tracking tools. I have tried my best to brief as much as I know.

What is Mailtrack in Gmail?

Mailtrack is a extension or application where sender can ensure that his mail will have read, free email tracking Gmail is available. Email tracking service is easy to use.

Is Mailtrack safe to use?

Yes (my opinion). Though this email tracking tools are 3rd party extension but don’t need to hyper with it. Many users are using it from a long time and I don't think any of them are facing any type of issue in using it. Just checkout reviews which email tracking programs are better for you.

How do you know if your email has been read in Gmail?

At the bottom level, email tracking tools is being shown like as-
  1. Color (green)
  2. Notify as - has seen 5 minutes ago

What is the best email tracker?

There have vast amount of free email tracking software or email tracking tools. I have reviewed some of email tracking programs. I can suggest you those. Decision up-to you.

1. Mailtrack is the best free email tracker for gmail. Mailtrack works with Gmail and incorporates email following just (different highlights, for example, planning and spared layouts are not accessible). The application introduces by means of a program expansion and works with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. Once introduced, a progression of “checkmarks” is set beside an email in your inbox. It’s a free email tracking software. Having paid option too.

2. Mixmax is one of the more broad applications on this rundown. The instrument offers email following, spared formats, schedule booking, in-email surveys, and mechanized email subsequent meet-ups. These highlights can be gotten to from your Mixmax dashboard. A popup warning will likewise appear on your work area when somebody has opened your email.

3. Boomerang is the best email tracking program for Gmail that returns messages back to your inbox sometime in the future that you set. This enables you to tidy up your inbox however set the email show back in your inbox when you have room schedule-wise to get to it. In any case, Boomerang does likewise highlight email following. It's not as broad as others on this rundown but rather data, for example, when an individual has opened your email or clicked a connection can be discovered utilizing Boomerang. Boomerang can be utilized in a constrained use for nothing. Paid plans extend from $5/month to $50/month.

4. Gmelius, email tracking tool which works with Gmail only. It can be used with Chrome, Opera, and Safari internet browsers. The app installs via an extension and tracks email activity such as opens and clicks. Gmelius also includes functionality for scheduling emails, calendar scheduling, creating to-do lists, saving email templates, and more . Gmelius’ email tracking can be used for free. Other features are limited in the free plan. Paid plans range from $5/month to $14/month.
5. Vocus, email tracking service likewise incorporates highlights for email following, email updates, email planning, and computerized email subsequent meet-ups. The device works with Gmail just and introduces by means of a Chrome Extension. Vocus is accessible just through a paid arrangement. In any case, a 30-day free preliminary is accessible to demo the apparatus. Paid plans extend from $5/month to $20/month.

How do I disable Mailtrack?

If you are thinking your email tracking programs or email tracking tools are not secured or hassle for you, you can disable or remove it.

Disable program on Mailtrack (best free email tracker for gmail):
  1. Log into the Gmail account you don't want to use Mailtrack with anymore.
  2. Open this page
  3. Click on Mailtrack and click on the 'Revoke access' button.
  4. Confirm if you really want to revoke access to Mailtrack.
Disable program on Chrome Browser (email tracking tools)
  • In Chrome, click more (the 3 vertical dots in the top right-hand corner of the screen).
  • Go to More tools > Extensions. 
Then check to see if any email tracking tools is still listed among the installed extensions and if necessary remove it by clicking on the remove option. Once you've done this, if you close then re-open Chrome this should finish the uninstall procedure.


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