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How to create a new drive or partition your hard drive

Abstract- Somehow, we need to create a new drive, for gathering ours personal components like as software, picture, documents. Besides, when we buy a computer, it contains may be 2 or 3 drive (with 500GB/1TB Hard-disk). But we need minimum 5 to 6 drives (approximately). For those reasons, we have to make new partition/new volume. Now I am going to show you that how to make new partition/new volume .it’s easy & simple to do. Let's make it simple. Follow me- N.B- Focus on highlighted color :-( Yellow ) ( Red ) Type (windows key +R), it shows a box (RUN). Type - compmgmt.msc on this (RUN) box. after typing, hit enter. It shows a box like below of this content. Through this box, we can know about all of things (specifications) whatever we have to need. From the left side, we will chose -Disk management. It will show all of existing volume. Now, we will select this existing Drive where has vast amount of space (200GB or more). Selecting this existing drive, we can go to-shrin

How to check PC components full specifications - How do I find easily

Abstract - Sometimes, we need to know about ours PC components specifications, it can be hardware components or software components. What are my PC components specs? We always face this issue. For knowing about those PC components specs, we need to go device manager, properties, setting etc. That’s mean to check full specifications of computer need to do various clicks on various folder. Besides, someone takes help another 3rd party software for knowing about his/her PC components specifications. For being those hassle, I recommend to do this step to know full specifications (hardware & software). Its easy & time consuming method. How do you do it? Check below.  Do those steps, its pretty simple. N.B- Please attention on highlighted color:- ( Yellow ) ( Red ) > Press ( windows/super key + R ), it shows a box (Run). Type - msinfo32 on this (Run) box. After typing, hit  enter . It shows a box like below. On this box, you can know about all of things (specifications) what

Check and Uncheck all checkboxes with jQuery

Checkbox Plays a key role in forms. We always try to find some shortcut way. The check and uncheck all functionality basically a shortcut where the large list of records are available and all of them need to select through one click. By this functionality user can easily do work. "I am literally confused how to check and uncheck all checkboxes with jQuery." you inner mind is speaking like that maybe. But, now I am here to help you how to do it with jQuery. I will show you, how to check all parent checkboxes with button and without button. Here is the HTML: <!-- jQuery: --> <!-- Bootstrap 4.1v --> <div class="container my-3"> <h2>Example1 - Check and Uncheck All With Single Button</h2> <input type="button" class="box btn btn-default mb-3" id="box" value="check all" /> <div> <input type="c