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Chrome keyring when starting

Hello Handsome/Beautiful, Many people's faced this problem. And they requested me to make an article about this. Actually they are my friends :) tut tut. OK let's start Your google-chrome keyring is different from your login credentials. When you start your chrome and you always see this kind of message on your screen. It could be a PAM problem. PAM was developed to assist police problem. PAM is designed to guide analysis. When you open google-chrome again it will ask for the password for the keyring. You can enter your password and it will be unlock or it can be say your entered password is wrong. Here's the way you can solve this issue :) sudo rm ~/.local/share/keyrings/* then when you will open your chrome then it will again show up for last time. That's it give your login password and feel free :)  If you have any que then ask free :) Have a great life 😊

Run your XAMPP without mysql problem

Couldn't start MySQL! while starting XAMPP. Hello handsome/beautiful, I am back.  Most common and most popular problem it is. Everyone wants to solve this problem and they search online always and try hard to find it. But it's take so much time to solve so I thought I should make an article about this problem. Here is the way you can solve this problem.  There are many kinds of ways you can solve this problem. I am showing you all kinds of ways. This is first way you can solve your mysql problem 1. First of all we need to take right permission of file. Through this command, The owner has all the permissions to read, write and execute. Everyone else can only read and execute, but cannot make changes to the file. sudo chmod 755 /opt/lampp/etc/my.cnf 2. Here is the second command you need to execute :). Through this command, Everyone can read write and execute. In a web server, it is not advisable to set this permission for your files and folders as it