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How to show saved password

Abstract- Sometimes, we depend on our google smart locker. So, we do not wanna remember our password. Thus we have to forget our password. Now, we need to recover it. Now I am going to show you that how to recover password in a easy way or we can say how to show saved password. I hope, it’s a easy way to show saved password. Now do those steps for showing saved password, it's pretty simple just follow below steps.  Go to saved password (shown on picture), press right button of mouse. Go to inspect option & click on it. It will show you a html tab or window like below image. Go to yellow color where typed- password . On there you have to type - text . Through typing this, you will see your password will be visible. Thus, we can remember our password through this HTML coding. It's a easy way to remember. Through the google smart locker, we can be forget our password because of not typing password everyday & it show password like as ******* . Through this ar