Impacts of Artificial Intelligent (AI) on Work

Artificial Intelligence is the talk of the era. Now a days it has been so common to everyone that it does not take more than a second to understand. Modern technologies and the inventions of machines powered by artificial intelligence (AI) have already strongly influenced the world in the 21st century. Technologies simplify everyday tasks, and it is impossible to imagine how most of our life could be managed without them .It is being used to modernize our life to a great extent. Our life is getting easier than before. Life has become more comfortable and the main achievement is now we can lessen our wastage of time. But, somewhere there is a dark side remained, the future. There is an impending disaster for the human being in the near future.
Artificial intelligence (AI) will have a fundamental impact on the labor market in the next few years. People may lose their jobs. The number of employee will be reduced in workplaces. After losing the job the number of unemployed people may go higher.

Artificial Intelligent (AI) on Industrial Section

Particularly in the industrial sectors in the Western high-labor cost countries, automation and use of production robots lead to considerable savings with regard to the cost of labor and products. While one production working hour costs in automotive industry more than €40, the use of a robot costs between €5 and €7 per hour. A robot is cheaper than a worker in China. A robot cannot become ill, have children or go on strike and demand for annual leave. An autonomous computer system does not depend on external factors meaning that it works constantly, 24/7, and it can also work in danger zones. As a rule, the accuracy of robot is greater than that of a human, and it cannot be distracted either by external circumstances. Work can be standardized and synchronized to a greater extent, resulting in an improvement in efficiency and a better control of performance and more transparency in the company. In the decision-making process, autonomous systems can be guided by objective standards, so decisions can be made unemotionally, on the basis of facts. Productivity gains have so far always led to an improvement of living circumstances for everybody. The same applies for intelligent algorithms.

Unemployment for Artificial Intelligent (AI)

Replacement of humans with machines can lead to a huge unemployment problem.
Unemployment is a socially undesirable curse in our society.
Humans can be highly dependent on the machines if the use of artificial intelligence becomes rampant. They will surely lose their creativity and will become lazy. Even humans can start thinking in a destructive way, they can create havoc with these machines.
Artificial intelligence in wrong hands or wrong persons is a threat to mankind in general. It can lead to mass destruction. Also, there is a fear of machines taking over or superseding the humans.
Based on the above circumstances, the Association for the advancement of artificial intelligence has two sides – to develop and advance the science of artificial intelligence and to promote and educate about the responsible usage of artificial intelligence.

Conclusion of Artificial Intelligent (AI)

Identifying and studying the risk of artificial intelligence is an important task at hand. This can help in resolving the issues at hand. Programming errors or cyber attacks need more dedicated and careful research. Technology companies and technology industry as a whole needs to pay more attention to the quality of the software. The creations are the continuous result of intelligence.
AI augments and empowers intelligence in human. As long we are successful in keeping technology beneficial, we will be able to help human ability and this human civilization.


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