Want to know more SSD VS HDD

Abstract – In every computer has a hard disk, but in this modern era, the technology has made 2 types of hard disk, one is called SSD & another one is HDD. Now, we are going to confused which is better. For being reduced this confusion, I have tried to make it easy to understand of hard disk.


For vast amount of data storage hard disk is a very important thing. But we don’t know about its specifications. Now I am going to tell you about its specifications or performance.
HDD Specifications

Having vast amount of data storage like as 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB… up to maximum.
  • I/O performance - 400 IO/s
  • Backup rates - 24 hours
  • Request time - 400 ms to 500 ms
  • Reliability - 2 to 2.5%
  • Uses of CPU power - 7%
  • Access time - 5.5 ms to 8 ms
  • Energy saving - 6 to 15 W(watts)


Solid-State Storage which is needed to be customized for being every computer. Now I am going to tell about its specifications or performance.

SSD Specifications

  • Having vast amount of data storage like as 120 GB, 125 GB, up to 1 TB.
  • I/O performance -6000 IO/s
  • Backup rates - 6 hours
  • Request time – 20 ms
  • Reliability - 0.5%
  • Uses of CPU power - 1%
  • Access time - 0.1 ms
  • Energy saving - 2 to 5 W(watts)
Reference - https://www.gamingscan.com/ssd-vs-hdd-gaming/

My opinion - For being good performance of Desktop computer, I want to suggest you that you have to use both of those hard disk. You can use SSD for being operation g system which helps to fast operate your computer & HDD can be used for natural storage. In a word, SSD should be used as ‘C’ drive where you can put any kind of installation software & HDD should be used as local drive, where you can put another resources like as picture, movies, documents etc. So, decision up to you.


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